By Keith Stetson 09 Dec, 2017
After the success of its Kickstarter, I've moved Seco Creek Vigilance Committee over to Pledge Manager . Even if you missed the crowd funding, you can still get in before the book goes to press. Retail copies will be available after the fact, but they will be limited, so pre-ordering is a good idea if you're afraid of missing the game.
By keithstetson 05 Jun, 2017
I think it might be game designer heresy to say it now, but there are a lot of amazing things in Dungeon World. One of my favorites is the command to “Draw maps, leave blanks.” At first this seemed counter intuitive to me. If I have a map, I want a map. Full stop, no […]
By keithstetson 08 May, 2017
I recently got around to reading The Warren by Marshall Miller. The Warren is a Powered by the Apocalypse game based on rabbit fiction like Watership Down. It has some really elegant design. My very favorite bit – and what inspired this post –  is the Compete move. For those who don’t know (and really, […]
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